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Diving in caves used to be a niche underwater activity, a dark art reserved for pot-holers and spelunkers hoping to delve into an unpleasant muddy hole, wearing some homemade equipment helping them shiver in the darkness for an hour or two. How things have changed.

Cave diving has become a must-do activity open to everybody, with all training agencies offering courses to dive in the many tourist cave sites appearing world wide. Cave diving has gone upmarket too, while cold awful sumps still exist, warm, incredible visibility and amazing scenery are drawing divers from all over.

Inspired Training offers overhead training in any environment, from Cavern diving to Full Cave and in numerous locations. The most popular being Thailand, Bahamas, Majorca, Dominican Republic, Florida and of course the cenotes of Mexico.

Divers can complete training in traditional back-mounted double cylinders or the highly fashionable side-mount configuration, even CCR.

We offer 3 training courses:  

Cavern Diver - 3 days 4 dives. Cost  495. Cavern training is the foundation course for  overhead environment diving. Training includes a day of academics and equipment workshop also surface line drills. Depending on training agency, we offer penetrations between 40-70 metres in 2  different caverns, all within the natural light zone

Intro Cave Diver - the next step with a further 4 dives beyond the  cavern zone. Using fully redundant scuba, the penetrations are further, taking you into the rooms pictured on this page. Totally amazing to think that such wonders are a few metres away and almost a total secret to the thousands of divers that come to Maya bay every week! Intro Cave last only 2 days, its has less academics than Cavern, but much more line/reel work. Course costs 450           

Full Cave Diver - the final step. A further 8 dives in the overhead environment will see candidates venturing back into the myriad cave systems around the world. Using double tanks and triple redundant light systems, divers will show perfect trim and buoyancy while exploring often totally unexplored passages. The Cave systems expect total respect if you venture inside. Failure inside the Cave can exact a heavy price, this course is for the elite diver who wishes  to see inside the Devils belly!    Full Cave takes 5 days and costs 750.

The Full Cave package can be completed as a standalone complete package including 12 dives spread over 6-7 days for 1200 inc tank rental

These courses have  pre requisites...please enquire for complete details

Cavern and Cave diving is not for everybody...

Keep the tension in the guideline...not in the dive !


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